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Weebly provides a better web-building experience for entrepreneurs and small business owners. I had the opportunity to work on several projects including mobile onboarding and abandoned cart emails.

I worked with the mobile team at the start of the internship. My main project was to redesign the onboarding experience for Android and iOS. The team had done research showing that ~75% of first time users were closing the app after launch. After observing the current onboarding process, we had 3 design goals for the new experience. We had to engage the user immediately, allow them to sign up or log in at any point, and highlight the features of the app.



New platform, new features

After Mobile, I worked with the eCommerce team on building features and tools that would be launched with Weebly 4. E-Commerce serves a huge portion of Weebly users who are entrepreneurs and small-business owners. I was tasked with leading the design of Abandoned Cart Emails, the second most requested feature by users after Real Time Shipping. This included laying out the user dashboard and the email layout the users would receive once they added items in a cart, but didn’t continue to purchase them.


A bold new look

After handing off Abandoned Cart Emails to the developers on eCommerce, I moved the Brand team to help create and push assets for the company’s new “BOLD” rebrand. I worked on advertisements, partner landing pages, icons, Weebly Cloud redesign, and emails. Under the Brand team, I was allowed the creative freedom to explore several different design directions.

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