Transportation everywhere, for everyone

Uber's mission is transportation everywhere, for everyone. It's great for getting from point A to point B, but what if you what to go grocery shopping, or a ski trip for the weekend?

Introducing Uber Rent, a platform allowing users to leverage existing car-sharing networks integrated into the existing Uber app. I worked with 3 other designers for 4 months to launch an MVP of this idea.


Rental Home

Your rental hub

The first screen when switching from ride to rent in the app. The purpose of this screen was to educate and serve as an entry point into rental experience, as well as show the status of your rental.


Find nearby rentals

The goal of the search experience was to show nearby rentals and their respective prices. Updating the location and time would only show available rentals. You could also filter by car type.

Vehicle Details

Check out the car

After selecting a rental, it was important to highlight the location and details of the vehicle. We wanted to showcase factors users cared about the most, in addition to vital information such insurance and rental policies.


Quick and easy

During the checkout experience, upfront pricing is the priority. We found that a summary of the price breakdown and rental details was important to users during testing.

Rental Duration

Enjoy the ride

Once the rental was booked, it was important that users could easily find, inspect, and gain access to the vehicle. The ability to extend a rental was also an important aspect of this experience.

Thank you

To the team

I was incredibly fortunate to have worked on this new experience. A huge thank you to Elisha Ong, Mark Junkunc, Ryan Koziel, and Julio Correa.

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