Two brothers in a collapsing dimension


This was a project I worked on for a month to create a game for iOS and Android. The idea was to quickly take a concept and execute a freemium app using BuildBox's game platform. Here's how it turned out.


The different types of blocks are a result of the dimensional collapse of Biff and Riff’s world. Each color denotes a different function and the player learns how to get past each type and eventually get to the escape pod. The game consists of 100 levels, each with a different strategy or lesson to advance the player to the next stage. The first 50 levels consist of 5 levels per block. Once the player gets through those, the next 50 levels are a combination of the different blocks.

Next steps

Unfortunately, the app link has been removed the Google Play Store and I didn't renew my iOS Developer Certificate so there isn't any download link available. However, a Prism v2 is in the works including highly requested features like save points, more levels, and a more comprehensive storyline. Stay tuned!